The ancient name of Kunnamkulam was Kunnamkulangara. In  the Order of Kochi Kings dated AD 1763,  Written that in Kunnamkulangara -  Previous year about 108 shop rooms got fire and this year again 11 shop rooms got fire. In order to prevent further fire mishaps all shop owners of Kunnamkulangara town is directed to replace their roof with tiles immediately"

  AD 1819 REPORT OF Lt.WARD   

Lt. Ward was engaged in Madras Survey. After Visiting Kunnamkulam he wrote that" Kunnamkulam is a well developed Christian town crescented  with churches and situated on a hill top. Kunnamkulam is the capital of Thalappilly Taluk under Kochin Rajas. There are about 400 houses and two third of them owned by Christians. The Town is protected by bamboo fence with two gates on either side. It is a very clean town and found a lot of rich people there. The town is very crowded. They manufacture every thing except clothes here. Kunnamkulam is the best market place north to Kochi. The merchants makes a lot of profit here. The Chaliyan or Cherlayam owned by Ayinikkal Nambidi and Kakkad owned by Kakkad Karanavar lies adjacent to Kunnamkulam. Roma Syrian Christians lives near Cherlayam. Pazhanji (piurrunney) lies North to Kunnamkulam. Pazhanji is a center of Syrian Christians. The Pazhanji Bazaar is very famous.


When Tipu Sultan invaded Guruvayur and adjacent areas, looting Temples and Churches. A large number of refugees came to Kunnamkulam  leaded by Rev. Father Pulikkottil Joseph Kathanar, Vicar of Arthatt Church. They Participated in the development of Kunnamkulam town in all means.

  AD 1829  

Once Kunnamkulam was threatened by the attack of wild animals.  In 1829 Kochin Raja gave an award to Perumpilavil Muriyil Changamkumarath Parangodan for shooting one Tiger at Kunnamkulam.


In 1948,  Mr. B.K.Tapper who is an archeologist found old "Nannangadies" from a temple compound at Porkulam near Kunnamkulam. In the Nannangadies he found ruins of human bodies, decorated pearls, iron tools and earthen pots which are very similar to  that found  at Thakshasila which is aged more than 2400 years. There are plenty of Kudakkalls, Thoppikkal, Kallaras and Caves  found in the nearby areas like Arikanniyoor,Chermanangad, Iyyal, Kattakampal and Kandanissery, aged more than 2000 years.


Cave At Vedakkadu Temple Porkkulam

Cave At Vedakkadu Temple Porkkulam Inside of a Cave At Vedakkadu Temple Porkkulam  

The archeologists Unearthed a collection of Old Roman Coins Which was buried around BC 123 and AD 117. These Coins are exhibited at Archeological Museum of Thrissur 

  We have tried our best to make all authenticate. We are not liable for any loss or damages occurred by using this data. We have referred  the book"Keralathile Sthalanama Charthram" of Sri. V.V.Valath and Makothai pattanam written by Sri. V.T. Induchudan in Mathrubhumi Annual 1970